margin lending

Debt Recycyling

For many of us, owning a home is only possible with the financial challenge of repaying a large mortgage. The focus is on cash flow and reducing the loan as quickly as possible. Wealth creation plans are left until ‘later in life’ this leaves little time to benefit from the ...

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Margin Lending Back In Favour

At the height of the downturn in the Global Financial Crisis and in the months following Margin Lending received a battering in the media. The reason behind the bad press was questionable lending practices and lack of service from some providers and advisers, who when the market turned down ...

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Borrowing Money to Invest

Borrowing to invest has previously been a good way in the past to use someone else’s money to make money, and receive the associated deductions through your tax return. The last 18 months however has caused a lot of pain for some leveraged investors as the market downturn has been ...

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